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Here's What Attendees Are Saying About Our Course...

"Rick was amazing and and really informative. Knows how to teach and keep things interesting!" - Angel R.


"Rick provided detailed answers to questions I had regarding the CCC." - Phillip M.

"Rick was very knowledgeable and the information was easy to grasp." - Chyanne B.

"Very informative and clear." - Najee P.

"Everything was explained in-depth and in an easy to understand manner" - Allison K.

"The Instructor was awesome! I almost always fall asleep in training, but not this time" - Patricia B.

"Rick was great! Very entertaining and informative!" - Chelsea F.

"Great presentation with good energy to keep you engaged." - Kennan O.

"Instructor was fun, engaging, and informative. You can tell he cares about this industry and supports the cause." - Jonathan P.

"Rick's presentation was tremendous, his knowledge on the compliance laws was great." - Rob C.


"Rick's voice and delivery kept the room completely engaged! Most of us are on our feet all day and do not do well seated for more than 30 minutes. Visual aides are informative and engaging as well. Thank you and nice job!" - Elizabeth M.

"It's clear that Rick is someone who cares about this industry and is trying to make a difference." - Katie P.

"Rick was knowledgeable, engaging and energetic." - Nicole B.

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