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Big Changes To The Massachusetts Cannabis Regulations Underway (Including One I Predicted)

The June 19th meeting of the Cannabis Control Commission appears to be a watershed event. In my May 27th blogpost, I predicted that, in recently published FAQs, the Cannabis Control Commission was redefining Delivery-Only licenses by stating - contrary to the plain language of the Adult-Use Regulations - that a Retail licensee could also hold a Delivery-Only license. Based on the Public Meeting Packet for the CCC's July 19th meeting, that prediction was spot on. The published materials include a recommendation to "clarify" that a Retail licensee can also hold a Delivery license. But that's not all. The materials contain several other recommendations that would significantly change the Adult-Use Regulations including, for example, (a) extending eligibility to participate in the state's Social Equity Program to veterans and other groups, (b) relaxing the requirements for participating in the Economic Empowerment Priority Applicant program, and (c) increasing the threshold of Social Equity participant ownership from 10% to 5`1% for a licensee to receive fee waivers and discounts, but extending those benefits to minority-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses. These are just the highlights. There is much, much more. More flexibility, and perhaps even more equity, appears to be on the way.

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