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We've Got A Lot That's New In 2022

We made some great strides here at Stoker in 2021. They included launching a virtual, on-demand version of our best-in-class Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) course, hosting a booth and speaking on the topic of Advanced Core Curriculum at NECANN 2021, introducing a cannabis industry specific Diversity and Implicit Bias course, and continuing our support for Social Equity applicants and licensees through free and discounted training and mentorship. But we're not done yet! Here's some of what's new in 2022.

Our Virtual, On-Demand RVT Course Is Now The Most Cost-Effective Option Working with the team at Learn Brands, we've been able to bring the price of the virtual, on-demand RVT course below the cost of live training. The virtual course fee now starts at just $89, with volume discounts that can reduce the price to just $50 per person (there are no retroactive discounts on prior purchases). You can find the new virtual course fee schedule here. If you're a Social Equity applicant or licensee, the news is even better! Social Equity applicants can take the virtual course for just $10 until they receive their commence operating license from the CCC, and the virtual course will still be just $50 per person with no minimum purchase requirements after they become licensed. We're as committed as ever to supporting the social equity objectives of the Massachusetts cannabis regulations and proud to offer this program to Social Equity applicants and licensees.

We've Simplified Registration For The Live, Online Stoker RVT Course

Starting on February 1st, We're simplifying and standardizing the registration process for our live, online RVT course by eliminating client coupon codes. The registration fee is now $99 for everyone, which means you don't have to remember your company's coupon code or be on the lookout for invoicing; instead, you'll simply pay during registration based on the number of people you sign up (if you've already used a coupon code to register for upcoming courses, don't worry, we've got you covered). Social Equity applicants can still use a coupon code to take the live, online RVT course at no cost until they receive a commence operating license from the CCC (if you're a Social Equity applicant and you'd like free training for your team while you navigate the licensing process, contact us).

The Diversity and Implicit Bias Training Course Is Now Part Of Our Regular Schedule In response to strong demand, starting in February we're adding a regularly scheduled live, online Diversity and Implicit Bias Training Course to our schedule. The first course will be held on February 28th. You can find it on our website and sign up here. We're really excited about 2022 and look forward to helping you with your training needs. Please reach out with questions, if you need guidance on interpreting the state cannabis regulations, or if you'd like to schedule an exclusive online or onsite training session for your team.

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