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Now Offering Diversity and Implicit Bias Training for the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry!

Stoker Consulting, LLC (Stoker), a leading Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) provider since 2019 and one of the state’s first certified RVT providers, today announced the launch of its second training course entitled “Diversity and Implicit Bias Training for the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry.” The course was jointly developed by Stoker’s founder, Rick Gilbert, and Karen Golden, an experienced professional providing Human Resources consulting services to the Massachusetts cannabis industry through her company, Hollis HR. According to Rick, “while Stoker’s Basic Core Curriculum course consistently receives rave reviews, the most requested topic for additional training has been diversity. In response, I’m proud to be able to offer a course that includes a thorough overview of diversity-based legal protections and regulatory requirements, a balanced look at the benefits and challenges of diversity and implicit bias training, a thought-provoking and inclusive guided discussion of current issues, and specific, actionable recommendations to do the hard work needed to advance diversity in the workplace. Karen’s involvement, especially her depth of knowledge of Human Resources best practices, has been invaluable in reaching that result.” According to Karen, “while I’ve delivered diversity training many times, by combining Rick’s legal and regulatory expertise with my subject matter expertise and existing training materials, we’ve created a best-in-class course that will be challenging and rewarding for attendees and will provide tangible benefits to every organization that uses it. I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished, and I can’t wait to share it with my clients and the rest of the Massachusetts cannabis industry.”

Significantly, the Cannabis Control Commission will begin certifying Advanced Core Curriculum courses, including a course on Diversity and Implicit Bias, in mid-2022 and Stoker has designed its course with that goal in mind. Even prior to certification, the course can be used to satisfy the eight-hour annual training requirement imposed by the Massachusetts cannabis regulations.

Stoker’s “Diversity and Implicit Bias Training” course is now available in person or live, online and can be booked by emailing support Stoker will begin scheduling monthly online sessions starting this fall.

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