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We've Launched Our Colorado RVT Course!

We're excited to share that, after months of painstaking work, our Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) course has been certified by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED)! The strengths of this course can be summarized in just three words; content, convenience, and cost. In terms of content, we've created another best-in-class course that not only covers required topics in an effective and engaging way, but also contains nearly 100 opportunities to take a deeper dive into details of the regulations that the MED expects every licensee to know. For example, here's a list of topics included in the deeper dive section on security and surveillance:

We've nailed the convenience factor by hosting the course virtually on Learn Brands, the nation's leading provider of web-based training and brand promotion for the cannabis industry. The advantages of using this virtual training course include:

  • having immediate access to the course anywhere, anytime

  • being self-paced with the option to stop and restart the course as needed

  • having the ability to designate an administrator who can assign the course to team members and track their progress

  • having access to additional brand promotion and training services

Finally, we're offering the course at just $65 per person for everyone. By combining this highly competitive pricing with our outstanding content and unbeatable convenience, we've created the best value in the industry. To learn more about Stoker visit our website or to go directly to course registration click here.


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